Welcome to the Buzz!!! Hunie’s Buzz


So I’m on the net shopping (what I do) and I’m see a few clothing lines from fellow Detroiters and I’m thinking this ish is Dope! I get hungry and I go grab a bite at this local restaurant and fell in love. I get home and my mind started to wonder… Everyone has this negative outlook on the city of Detroit, when in all honesty we are full of hustlers and grinders producing great product and services. Even the natives of Detroit are quick to run to the suburbs and patronize multi- million dollar companies instead of supporting their very own. Then it hit me, I should start a blog exposing what WE have to offer. There are so many positive people in Detroit trying to live out their dreams and have no exposure or support…. So here is my tribute to the Movers and Shakers of Detroit. This blog is dedicated to giving recognition and exposure to the Natives of Detroit who put on for the city as well as educating the world on what’s surrounding our city and how WE can improve. We can’t expect people to take pride in us if we don’t have pride in ourselves. So with much excitement and anticipation welcome to Hunie’s Buzz.

Until the next post, Bee Safe #StayBuzzed


If you have you or someone you know should be featured on Hunie’s Blog send inquiries and information to huniesbuzz@gmail.com


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