Fatboyz Heavy in The D


Part of the inspiration for my blog was the Restaurant FATBOYZ. I experienced their smothered turkey chops (don’t do the swine) and immediately feel in love.

I had the opportunity to interview with the manager of the restaurant Carlos Smith. The restaurant was founded by Fatboy (what his friends and family called him) in 2006 on the westside of Detroit. Fatboy passed away and left the restaurant to his children and family. Carlos described the restaurant’s style as a cross between Coney Island and a Mom and Pops restaurant. Fatboyz offer a variety of meals from comfort foods to everyday on the go dishes. The restaurant is known for their secret recipe homemade Alfredo sauce that is used on a few of the dishes they serve. Their most popular dishes are their Chicken alfredo bake potato, porterhouse steak, and the turkey ribs. While at the restaurant I had the privilege to experience the chicken Alfredo for myself. This huge potato was covered with grilled chicken chunks, sautéed onions, mushrooms, broccoli, and engulfed in Alfredo sauce and a 4 cheese blend. I literally got through a corner of the potato, tapped out and needed a good nap.

Chicken Alfredo Potato

Chicken Alfredo Potato

Next on my list to try is the turkey ribs. I can only imagine what those will taste like seeing their smothered turkey chops were AMAZING.

Carlos’ advice to anyone trying to brand their selves and start their own business is to “Map out your plan and stick to it. Look past your doubts you won’t know what you can do until you try.” Carlos believes that the turmoil that Detroit is facing has a lot to do with the leaders we have in office and the upbringing of the youth in the community. “The best we can do as community is learn to support one another and raise our youth better”. When asked how will Fatboyz give back to the community, Carlos stated he can’t speak for the business in that aspect but Fatboyz does give discounts to their instagram followers (instagram name is @fatboyzDetroit).

So what is next for Fatboyz?? Fatboyz is currently in the process of opening another restaurant on eastside of Detroit as well as opening up a food truck that can be spotted in various places depending on the whats going on in the city!!!! Fatboyz has a welcoming staff that treats everyone like family and food that leaves you full and satisfied! This spot is officially Buzzing (My stamp of approval) I encourage you to try them, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Find out what’s all the Buzz at:

15923 W. 7 Mile Rd., Detroit, MI 48235

(313) 273-7901

Until the next post, Live Life and #StayBuzzzed.


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